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Cointreau Celebration

Cointreau Celebration

Pop in to our Cointreau Margarita celebration this summer

Cointreau, the luxurious orange liqueur, was invented 170 years ago and we think that deserves a celebration!

So this summer at the Rendezvous Southend, you’ll find a special celebration dedicated to all things Cointreau.

Headlining the menu is the classic Margarita, a delicious combination of the world’s favourite orange liqueur with tequila and lime.

The inventor of this quintessential summer cocktail is said to be wealthy Texas socialite Margaret “Margarita” Sames who wanted to wow her guests with something new at an Acapulco party in 1948.

But there’s a rival claim for the recipe from a Mexican restaurant owner who may have mixed the first Margarita for his famous showgirl customer Marjorie King ten years earlier.

Either way, we’re paying tribute to an iconic liqueur with this iconic cocktail, available in our pretty celebration all summer long.

How do you like your Margarita? Salt or sugar round the rim? You’ll find lots of other Cointreau-based drinks on the menu too.

Come on down and raise a glass to Cointreau with us this summer.